How AED's work

Basic explanation of emergency defibrillation and it’s importance iin community settings Click Here for Details

Laws Regarding AED’s

Legal concerns in owning and maintaining an AED at a workplace of community setting

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Managing the Program

Program management concerns when a company or community group owns an AED

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AED Device Types

A brief discussion of AED types and features intended to provide guidance in purchasing

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Sample Program Specs & Cost

Some examples of the cost associated with an AED program

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Leasing vs. Buying

A comparison of leasing vs. buying AED’s for a workplace or community group

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Short Term Seasonal Leases

An innovative short term lease program for seasonal businesses such as summer camps and ski resorts

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Defibrillation is one of the most exciting and sophisticated emergency care programs we run at Less Stress Instructional Services. We have extensive experience in managing AED programs - from simple home AED programs to complex, multi-state turnkey corporate programs. The links on the left discuss some of the various aspects of AED program implementation at your facility.

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