How AED's work

Basic explanation of emergency defibrillation and it’s importance iin community settings Click Here for Details

Laws Regarding AED’s

Legal concerns in owning and maintaining an AED at a workplace of community setting

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Managing the Program

Program management concerns when a company or community group owns an AED

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AED Device Types

A brief discussion of AED types and features intended to provide guidance in purchasing

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Sample Program Specs & Cost

Some examples of the cost associated with an AED program

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Leasing vs. Buying

A comparison of leasing vs. buying AED’s for a workplace or community group

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Short Term Seasonal Leases

An innovative short term lease program for seasonal businesses such as summer camps and ski resorts

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Short Term AED Leasing

Short-Term Leasing

While AED’s are ever-more available and affordable, some organizations still struggle with cost issues. Most AED’s go unused and the electrodes, batteries, and other consumables end up expiring and needing replacement. For these environments, the cost of an AED is in the up-front expense and the cost of consumables over time rather than cost-per-use.

For many organizations and businesses, particularly seasonal businesses, it makes little sense to own an AED. Imagine a summer camp with a two month season - this organization would end up paying for batteries and electrodes and using the device only two out of 12 months.

Most cost-effective options exists - our Short Term Lease program allows organizations to lease an AED for a season. They receive an up-to-date, recall-free AED with batteries and electrodes guaranteed for the length of that season. Configurations include adult-only or adult/pediatric, and the unit is shipped to the site, and the customer simply ships it back at the end of the season. Cost for most leases under 4 months is around $275.00 in most markets.

Short Term Leasing is ideal for:

  • Summer camps
  • Youth Sports Leagues
  • Construction Sites
  • Ski Resorts
  • Theme Parks

Benefits to Short-Term-Leasing:

Did you know? The increased AED coverage from an LSIS short-term lease AED saved a 56-year-old cardiac arrest victim at a ski resort in 2010? Click here to see the press release

  • No up-front capital costs to buy machines
  • Lower ongoing cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed device consumables
  • Guaranteed recall-free devices
  • Easy one-call ordering with no maintenance
  • Contact us about short-term AED leasing by using the quote request button below.
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