How AED's work

Basic explanation of emergency defibrillation and it’s importance iin community settings Click Here for Details

Laws Regarding AED’s

Legal concerns in owning and maintaining an AED at a workplace of community setting

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Managing the Program

Program management concerns when a company or community group owns an AED

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AED Device Types

A brief discussion of AED types and features intended to provide guidance in purchasing

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Sample Program Specs & Cost

Some examples of the cost associated with an AED program

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Leasing vs. Buying

A comparison of leasing vs. buying AED’s for a workplace or community group

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Short Term Seasonal Leases

An innovative short term lease program for seasonal businesses such as summer camps and ski resorts

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The ZOLL AED Plus is a full rescue AED with prompts for both CPR and AED use. The unit is designed as a device to provide assistance with all phases of a resuscitation - from assessment, to CPR, to defibrillation.

Some features of the ZOLL AED Plus:

  • Rectilinear biphasic waveform
  • One-Piece AED electrodes (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • Prompts through unconscious patient assessment (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • Detects slow chest compressions via a sensor on the patient's chest and provides a metronome to accelerate compressions (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • Detects too little depth on a chest compression and providers a verbal prompt to increase depth ("PUSH HARDER") (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • Four year electrode shelf-life
  • Uses consumer Lithium123A batteries (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • Intelligent Pediatric Capability (ZOLL exclusive feature)
  • We commonly lease the ZOLL AED Plus as part of our Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) program. It is ideal for trained rescuers to use in an organized response in a corporate or industrial environment.

Some ZOLL AED Plus Learning Resources:

  • ZOLL AED Plus Video
  • ZOLL AED Plus Product Brochure
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