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 CPR Instructor Training

Sudden cardiac arrest affects roughly 1,000 people per day in the
United States. Prompt application of CPR and defibrillation can
save many of these victims if executed quickly.

The CPR Instructor program is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of teaching Basic Life Support to a variety of audiences.  The program offers a two-year instructorship through the American
Heart Association. Successful completion of this course allows the participant to teach CPR and offer AHA course completion cards to lay rescuers and health professionals.

This program consists of one session at-home program where students complete a DVD or CD-ROM based CORE Instructor program, followed by a one-day classroom session detailing administrative policies, the
practice-while-watching system, and other logistics of training.

Lastly, students must be monitored for a student teaching at a live program under the supervision of a faculty member.

Please Note: Registrations must be prepaid for this program, and because a significant amount value of materials needs to be pre-mailed to students, a $60 cancellation fee is charged for students who receive materials but do not attend the program.

Time Frame: Self-learning module plus 8 hour classroom program


Prerequisite: Professional level CPR Course (Current Expiration)


  • Students must be prepared to demonstrate skills competently according to new guidelines
  • Students must complete self-learning module before classroom program
  • Price Varies by Area
  • Available on site




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