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When you are building a workplace emergency team, one training every two years is often not enough for responders to feel prepared. Getting folks away from their duties to attend scheduled training can also be difficult. Click Here for Details


MERT is the term we use for top-of-the-line emergency care training for corporations and industry. The concept behind MERT is to form a dedicated group to respond to problems within a facility or company. MERT members take a one day program that teaches the most up to date first aid and resuscitation techniques and how to use the most high tech emergency equipment.

Components of MERT Training include:

Adult/Child CPR Training: MERT participant will learn adult CPR techniques. These are resuscitation procedures for individuals age 1 and over.

AED: MERT participants are taught to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Traditionally we train participants on the specific unit they will use. We have a large number of AED trainers from the various manufacturers that we use to ensure that MERT members are comfortable using the device.

Basic First Aid Training: Of all the skills a MERT member might use, Basic First Aid techniques are the most likely to get used. The course includes management of injuries such as bleeding control and fractures, medical emergencies such as diabetic problems and seizures, as well as environmental emergencies such as heat exhaustion and poisoning.

Oxygen Therapy: The prompt application of emergency oxygen can often significantly lessen the damage done to patient during serious injury or medical emergency. The MERT program teaches use of an emergency oxygen kit and the various components used to deliver the therapy.

Bloodborne Pathogens: This short self-protection inservice covers the possibility of disease transmission during occupational emergencies. Relevant concerns, protective equipment, and regulations are discussed.

The program has an specific emblem and product line associated with it. There are also a number of on-line inservices and trainings that make MERT an on-going program instead of a sporadic training that only comes up every two years. MERT products are available only through Less Stress Instructional Services.

Course Length: 6 hours

Intended Audience: Individuals in corporations and general industry who may have to respond to emergencies. It is especially appropriate for companies who have assembled teams to operate emergency oxygen, automated defibrillators, and use specialized equipment as part of an organized response group.

Card Issued: 2 Year course completion

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