Pandemic/Safety Courses

Defensive Driving Course

The National Safety Council’s program for point reduction and insurance discount Click Here for Details

Pandemic Preparedness

Training, Consulting, Screeners for COVID-19

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Digital hands-on fire extinguisher training that can be done indoors and without a live burn

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Respirator Fit Testing

Testing for respirators for meeting OSHA’s respiratory protection standard

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Pandemic Preparedness

Providing training, consulting, and services during health emergencies

Less Stress Instructional Services leverages experience gained during the 2009 Avian Influenza outbreak to help your organization deal with COVID-19. We have conducted pandemic preparedness program roleouts for a major utility company including hazard analysis, pandemic staff training, respirator fit testing, and pandemic screenings.

Whether you need a program for managing workers and social distancing, training for your general population or housekeeping staff, or even a medical screener at your door to check inbound staff daily, Less Stress Instructional Services can assist you with your COVID-19 mitigation.

Pandemic Awareness Training

Basics on COVID-19 including modes of transmission, symptoms, infection prevention, mask use, and strategies for continuing work during the pandemic. This training takes 30-60 minutes and can be delivered online or in-person.

Pandemic Screener Training

Includes all topics of the awareness training, plus discusses putting on and taking off PPE. Candidates are fit tested for respirators and are trained to take temperatures with protective gear. Mock screenings are created to train individuals to check coworkers before they come to work. This training takes about 8 hours and is performed at your location.


We provide your organization with a specially trained Emergency Medical Technician to screen your staff as they enter the workplace. Our staff member will set up the screening location, take temperatures, gather screening data, and manage any acutely ill persons who may present to work until your local ambulance arrives. We provide all personal protective equipment for this service and any medical supplies they may need. This service is billed hourly as-needed.

Site Analysis:

We consult with your stakeholders about policy and procedure, screening locations, sick time issues, medical evaluation, return-to-work, social distancing planning and screening so as to develop a successful program. This type of program is generally billed hourly as-needed.

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