Pandemic/Safety Courses

Defensive Driving Course

The National Safety Council’s program for point reduction and insurance discount Click Here for Details

Pandemic Preparedness

Training, Consulting, Screeners for COVID-19

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Digital hands-on fire extinguisher training that can be done indoors and without a live burn

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Respirator Fit Testing

Testing for respirators for meeting OSHA’s respiratory protection standard

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Respirator Protection (Quantitative/Qualitative)

OSHA compliance with the respiratory protection standard requires yearly testing of the fit of the respirator the employee uses in his/her workplace. The subject wears his/her specific respirator product and is placed into a hood with a trace product. The subject is then tested to see if he/she can detect the smell/taste of the product during a series of exercises. This tests the fit of the respirator to see if it is adequate.

Respirator fit testing and training is required of most workers who may need to use a respirator during the course of their work duties. We offer both Qualitative Fit Testing (Using a hood) and Quantitative (Using a PortaCount(TM) Particle Counter).

Service Length: Approximately 10 minutes per subject

Frequency: OSHA requires fit testing to be performed yearly

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