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Training Center Instructor ® - Version 3.0




What is the Training Center Instructor ® (TCI?) ?




Training Center Instructor® is a software package specially designed to assist instructors running health and safety training programs. While it can be used for any training purpose, it has features specific for those agencies running American Heart Association CPR, ACLS, and PALS courses, American Safety and Health Institute health and safety programs, Medic First Aid™ and National Safety Council training courses. We believe it is the only program on the market capable of handling the technical details of all three agencies.


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What can TCI do?


TCM has a variety of very helpful functions. It was designed by instructors for instructors. Here is a quick list of features:




Student Confirmation: TCI can send letters, postcards, emails and/or generate mailing labels for students who you have registered for your programs.  This easy tool allows you to touch base with everyone who wants to attend your training session to remind them to come.




Roster Generation: You can generate a course roster using TCI that can be used as a cover sheet for the course paperwork or as a reference of who attended the program.




Data Exporting: After you run your program, simply hit the EXPORT COURSE key to send the course via email to your Training Center.   This feature allows your Training Center coordinator to receive the data and generate your certificates faster and with less typographical errors since you are doing the typing.




Course Tracking: Enter the data once, and TCI takes it from there. You can register individuals for your courses by typing them in as they call, or by inputting data from registrations. After the course, simply delete those who did not attend, and you will be able to email the course data to your training center for certificate generation.  You can also print a professional-looking roster from this screen with a few clicks of your mouse.




How much does TCI cost?


Training Center Instructor ® is freeware!  How cool is that?  

There is one catch - we don't provide support for TCI.  We don't charge you for it, but you need to figure it out on your own.  Please don't call with tech support questions - there is a comprehensive user's manual that you can download from the support page below.  We suggest using that or contacting your training center with problems using TCI.




How can I get TCI for my training center?


You can download it free by clicking the download link below.  You can also purchase a CD of TCI for $5.00 at our on-line store by clicking here.




I wish my clients/departments were better organized. Is there anything for them?




Yes - there is a product called Training Officer® (TO) which is designed to keep a training coordinator or officer on top of their game. It keeps a running list of staff members, their training, and their course and expiration dates. It also allows training coordinators to send print or email notifications to their staff members to renew or update their training. You look at the specifications sheet for TO by clicking here. TO also has a discounted multiple license plan. Email us for details at jmateus@lessstress.com .




Where can I get more information about TCI?


To download the program:

To download the version for computers with MS ACCESS already installed click here

To download the version for computers without MS ACCESS click here


Tech Support(phone):

None available please call your training center if they provided you with TCI. 


Tech Support(website):


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