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Instructor Affiliate Form

Less Stress Instructional Services has become a popular gateway for individuals seeking health and safety training. The website currently averages 1000+ unique visitors per day. While many of these visitors are playing on-line scenarios and purchasing products from the web store, others are seeking open courses or arranging training for their groups.

We currently hold top-ten placement in many search engines (#1 in some engines) and have links from prominent sites such as http://www.emt-b.com and http://www.learncpr.org .

We can't be everywhere!

While we would love to have a presence in all over the country, the reality is that the NY-NJ metro area keeps up busy enough. That's why we have begun the Instructor Affiliate program. The affiliate program allows us to refer jobs to training agencies similar to ours, and to locate classes for those seeking programs. It is also a great way for a small training center to get significant discounts on supplies they use for training, and access to certain products such as AED's, first aid supplies, and oxygen systems at a reseller rate.  Here's how it works:

A) You register your company/agency with us as our affiliate for your area. When we receive requests for on-site programs, we collect the data, coordinate the scheduling of the job with you, and share the profits with your organization.  

B) We maintain only one training agency per region. You would be the exclusive provider for your area. Naturally, we are looking for the company that can provide the most services, with the best scheduling availability and the highest quality.

C) You will have access to many product lines (manuals, manikins, AED's, first aid supplies, etc) at a reduced cost - you can reduce your operating expenses and/or create additional revenue streams by reselling the products to your training clients or instructor base.  

Interested in the program? Click here to find out more!

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